what's the best school for early childhood education

What’s The Best School For Early Childhood Education – Check These Schools!

Giving early education to children is a fun and challenging task that not everyone can do. Playing around while studying may seem easy, but when you face these little kids are your plan can change. Therefore, it is important that before becoming a teacher, people must learn early childhood education. In this major, people will get to know how to handle early childhood and the methods that they must use. Now the question is what’s the best school for early childhood education and how long will it take?

what's the best school for early childhood education

By qualifying a degree in early childhood majors, people can work with kids between one to eight years old. Not only in preschools or kindergarten but they can also make education groups such as church groups and community centers. Therefore, this major is as important as other major as it determines the development of a child. So, what’s the best school for early childhood education that you can apply and attend? 

1. Western Governor’s

The school located in Salt Lake City provides both online and offline schools for early childhood education majors. Therefore, for those who have a busy schedule can check out their online system. Whether you choose to apply for online or offline school, this major will require 122 credit hours. Students will also have to complete a competency test to make sure they are capable after graduating. 

2. Arizona State

What’s the best school for early childhood education where you can also learn other topics related to this major? Well, Arizona State University is sure one of the schools that you should consider. By applying here, students will get both the education and certifications that will make them different from other graduates. You will also get to learn other topics such as how to use technology in class. 

3. University of Texas

The University of Texas offers bachelor to master’s degrees for early childhood education major. Therefore, people can specialize their studies more detailed in this university. Their programs focus on the character and brain development of a child. They also learn on the method they can apply and develop them adjusting the era. 

4. Vanderbilt University

In this school, students can learn by field observation and participating in schools and agencies. Therefore, they don’t only learn the theory but also a practical way in real life. They must also add a special course for specializing in how to teach, which will need an additional 122 hours. During their study, students can go abroad and partner with other universities to complete their studies. 

5. Boston University

All students applying for this major must spend at least one semester working in a learning lab. The purpose of this rule is to make sure students what they have learned and how to apply them in real life. This will be supervised by their lecturer and be one of the requirements to graduate.

So, now you don’t need to wonder what’s the best school for early childhood education and how the graduates are. Because all these schools offer the best facilities and studies in early childhood education, so they all worth to apply. So, go apply to one of these schools and start learning some new knowledge.