The Best School System Ranking in the World

Each country has different education system which suited with their goals. The system is not only to fulfil the human resource need but also creating generations that are able to compete globally. Thus, some parties criticize the current school system in their region. Others already tried to compare, so they can evaluate which part needs to be improved. If you are about doing the same thing now, then you should read this article. We here have the school system ranking from around the world complete with its best practice.

The quality of the school is not only determined by the student. You need to consider the location, the facilities, the teacher competencies, until the learning method. All is the gathered to result in a high-quality generation. How expensive the school is totally not considered as the best school, and vice-versa. To clear your mind, let’s see the school system ranking below from many countries:

1. Finland

This country recently became a popular country with the best school system. Surprisingly, today Finland holds the best education system in the world. In 2017, there were five new standards added and Finland proved they can manage three of them, those are the ration between the teachers and the students, number of students who pass primary school, and number of students who pass secondary school.

2. Japan

After Finland, there is Japan which maintains as one of the best countries with the education system. The success of education in this country is determined with the school for age 5 until 14. But, actually, the government is consistent to keep quality until college school. Thus, Japan is often becoming a study benchmark destination.

3. South Korea

Just like Japan, South Korea also holds its quality. This country is a competitor of Japan. South Korea works hard to keep its position in the third rank of the world. They have a good development program for any stages of education, especially for the age of 5 to 14 years old. The only reason why South Korea is hard to be in second place is because of the fall in the score for the test in high school and graduation students.

4. Denmark

Not many people realize that this country is considered having a good education system. But, Denmark is famous enough among the developed country. Earlier, Denmark was in the 8th rank. When several new indicators added, they were successful through it. Thus, they were up to 4th rank lastly.

5. The United Kingdom

Among all countries, you might no hesitate for the United Kingdom. This country is a great competitor, no matter for all education in any stages. Currently, the government has changed the policy, such as giving better pay for the teachers, modern educational facilities, and many more. Now this country is in 7th rank among the world.

Education is a vital pillar for any generation. No matter you live in the past, nowadays, or future, school is one of the supports for social improvement. School system ranking helps you to understand and compare the education quality around the world.