Education System Egypth And Its Sketches

Education becomes the main thing to build a country or nation. Without education, it is difficult for people to keep up with the times and compete. Therefore, each country arranges its own education system because every need and condition of the people in each country is different. The following will discuss about education system Egypth as a country in the Middle East.

Like the education system in other countries, Egypt also categorizes its education system into formal and non-formal education. The following is the explanation.

Formal Education System

Egypt’s formal education system has two structures. The structure is the secular structure and the religious structure of Al-Azhar. In addition there are also special types of schools for a number of children such as children with special needs to go to special schools. Or children who want to become warriors to military school, and more.

1. Secular Education System

Secular education is part of one part of the education system Egypth. Compulsory education in Egypt or basic education has 8 grades. Although there are kindergartens and play groups, these two schools are not part of primary education. Basic education has two levels, namely elementary school and preparatory school.

Elementary schools for children in grade 1 to grade 5, while Preparatory Schools for children ranging from grades 6 to 8. After attending basic education for 8 years, students in Egypt were given several choices. The choices are not going to school anymore, entering public high school, and entering a technical school 3 years or 5 years.

In public schools, grade 9 is the first grade while in grade 10 students must choose the fields of science or non-science to go through grade 11. Education at tertiary institutions lasts for 2, 4 to 5 years depending on the type of program chosen. Since 1951, some technical school graduates may continue to higher education.

2. Al-Azhar Education System

In general, the Al-Azhar education system is almost the same as secular education which has the same level of primary school and curriculum subjects as secular education. What distinguishes it is more emphasis on Islamic education.

In grade 11 students must decide to continue to public school or religious school for 2 years. In higher education there are faculties which are the same as those provided by secular education but the emphasis is on higher religious education.

Finally, the education of religious teachers is only carried out within the scope of the Al-Azhar education system. Therefore, Al-Azhar’s education is a unique education system Egypth.

Non-Formal Education

Non-formal education is a series of planned education outside the education system. The aim is to serve the needs of certain groups of people. Examples such as children, adolescents, or adults.

Are they male or female, from groups of farmers, traders, or craftsmen. Are they from rich or poor families. In Egypt, non-formal education is associated with the elimination of illistration.

Therefore, most programs in education are more focused into this aspect. The percentage of Egyptians who are illiterate has decreased after enacting a non-formal education system.

That is an explanation of the education system egypth. In the education system there are formal and non-formal education systems. It’s just that formal education is divided into secular education and Al-Azhar. And non-formal education aims to eliminate illistration.