Best universities in africa

5 Best Universities In Africa You Might Want To Consider

Africa is the second-largest populated continent in the world after Asia. Meanwhile, in the economic sector, Africa is the lowest. But it doesn’t mean the people don’t have the quality educational institutions. So, here are the five best universities in Africa.

Best universities in africa

1. University of South Africa (Unisa)

Located in Pretoria, the University of South Africa is the largest university in South Africa. It is also one of the world’s mega universities.

Unisa established in 1873 with the name University of the Cape of Good Hope. Recently, Unisa offers diverse scientific families. The examples are from accounting sciences, education, human sciences, law, to agricultural and environmental sciences.

As a big university, Unisa has some campuses in different places. There are six regional centers across South Africa. And the main administration function is in Gauteng Province.

2. Cairo University

When it was first established in 1908, this university is known as Egyptian University. Then the name changed to be King Fuad I University in 1940 before being Cairo University 1952. The location is in Giza.

There are many faculties and institutes exist here. You can, of course, find the common faculties like Science, Law, and Engineering. Also the special faculties like Dar El-Ulum, National Cancer Institute, and National Institute of Laser Enhanced Sciences.

3. University of Kwazulu-Natal (UKZN)

Long ago, there are two universities named the University of Natal and the University of Durban-Westville. These two universities then merged in 2004. And the name is changed to the University of Kwazulu-Natal. The location of the university is in Kwazulu-Natal Province.

Furthermore, there are five campuses that they have with different focuses. You can find the School of Education in Pinetown, precisely on the Edgewood campus. Meanwhile, Nelson Mandela School of Medicine is near to Durban’s city center.

In Westville campus, UKZN offers programs in Science, Health Science, and Management Studies. Moreover, this campus is the administrative headquarters. To find many majors, you can go to the Howard College campus. There are Law, Humanities, Engineering, Nursing, and Development and Social Sciences.

Not much different from the Howard, Pietermaritzburg also offers many majors. But here, the campus has some uniqueness. They are the discipline of Visual Art, Agriculture, and Theology.

4. University of Witwatersrand

This university was first the South African School of Mines. Then in 1922, it acquired a full university. Nowadays, this university located in Johannesburg is better known as Wits University.
Having 5 faculties, Wits University offers more than 3000 courses with 33 schools.

The faculties are Science, Healthy Science, Humanities, Engineering, and also Commerce, Law, and Management. Besides, Wits also offers various platforms for expressing talents. Arts, cultures, and sports activities can be chosen by the students.

Wits are providing internationally competitive education. The campus teaching stimulates debate and cultivates open-mindedness and critical thinking. Moreover, ethics, creativity, and a strong sense of social responsibility are also important things in Wits. That is why the University of Witwatersrand is one of the best universities in Africa.

5. University of Cape Town (UCT)

UCT established in 1829 with South African College as the former name. It is being the oldest university in South Africa. And today, UCT is the number one university in South Africa. It is also the 22nd in BRICS university ranking.

The location of the main campus is at the foot of Table Mountain’s Devil’s Peak. Besides, the Medical School and the Fine Arts and Drama department have a different location.

Consist of over 26000 students, UCT has six faculties. They are Science, Health Science, Law, Commerce, Humanities, and Engineering & the Built Environment.

Not only teaching, but UCT also offers many extracurricular activities. You can choose to join more than 100 societies. For you who love sports, there are also over 40 sports clubs.

Those are the list of 5 best universities in Africa. Maybe there are one or two universities above that hit your curiosity. Ready to go to Africa for studying? Let’s go!