The 5 Best Medical School in The World All the Time

You might imagine that it is fun to work as people in Grey’s Anatomy movie. Thus, you have to take a medical school as your formal education. There are many medical schools around the world as your options. Each offers you high-quality teachers, systems, and the environment. But only the best medical school that gives you a precious experience. That is why we are here wanting to share with you the best medical school in the world that you have no hesitation to apply anymore.

Things that you should consider for school are not only the location, system, teachers, and environment. You need to see the school’s vision and mission, student’s activities or organizations, also the accreditation. Once all the checklist is fulfilled, then that school might be suitable for you. If you are wondering about choosing the right one, see the best medical school in the world below as your recommendation:

1. Harvard University

Harvard University always ranks for many majors, including for the Harvard Medical School. It earns first place, especially for obstetrics/gynecology, radiology, and psychiatry. This school gets many supports from the various institutions. Thus, Harvard University offers scholarships for many students about $50,000 per year. Also, the average loan of graduated students is about $100,000.

2. Duke University

Still from the US, there is another medical school which entitled as one of the best medical school in the world. It is Duke University that also emphasizes leadership and traditional training. This university lets the students pursue their dreams, so they have the opportunity to follow their interests. Within the number of research and sponsors, the student will get full support with the ratio of 3 to 1 faculty-to-student.

3. Oxford University

Oxford is one of the oldest schools in the world. The Medical Sciences Division is one of the five biggest medical schools. The departments you can consider are psychology, pharmacology, and obstetrics. The other departments with equal quality are Cardiovascular Medicine, Radiation Oncology and Biology, Molecular Medicine, and Ophthalmology.

4. Yale University

Yale School of Medicine was built in 1810, since then this school got many achievements, such as the first research of cells or molecular basis. This school is associated with several institutions, like The Connecticut Mental Health Center, The Yale-New Haven Hospital, and many more. If you concern to develop yourself in research, then Yale University is the right place to go.

5. King’s College London

Each year, this school serves 5,000 students for medical and pharmacy programs. King’s College London started to serve medical students since 1998. But, actually, the department was already formed in 1895, then in 1926, it was offered a degree in the University of London. This institution has conducted a variety of research areas, such as Dermatology, Cancer, Immunology, Respiratory Physiology, and Mucosal Biology.

Today medical researches have become a trend. It is not only the health institution but also major companies start to concern about this issue. Thus, as time goes by, the world needs many great people from medical school. Be that one of the contributors to a better world by signing yourself to the best medical school in the world.