how to learn chinese language easily

How To Learn Chinese Language Easily- Fastest Way To be Fluent In The Chinese Language

Many people say that learning the Chinese language is very hard. It’s understandable if people think like that, moreover if the person already used to the alphabet. Even so, they still yearn to be able to speak, write and read the Chinese language. If you’re one of those people who eager to be fluent in the Chinese language, there are a lot of methods for you to learn. And with these methods, you will know how to learn Chinese language easily.

1. Listen as Much as Possible

If you want to learn how to learn Chinese language easily, you should start to listen. You can listen to everything that spoke in the Chinese language, be it film or drama. It will make you get used to the tone thus making it easier when you start memorizing the characters.

While you listen to the sound, you can also read and write the words you hear. You don’t need to write it in Chinese characters. Listening can make you get a sense of how to speak the words.

2. Remembering The Characters

One of the most important parts of the Chinese language is the characters. As the Chinese language has different letters from the others, you have to be familiar with the characters. So, what you should do is to remember the characters. Write the characters you want to remember every day and don’t forget to apply them in daily life. After all, you will forget the characters if you don’t use it in everyday life.

3. The pattern is More Important Than Rules

When learning the Chinese language you don’t need to think too much about the grammar. Just focus on the pattern. Every Chinese sentence has a pattern, so you better remember the pattern and apply it. The best way to understand the pattern is to write it and read it and say it yourself. You can also get a better understanding of the pattern by pay attention to others.

4. Read A Lot

Reading is a source of knowledge, that’s what people say. And they are right. If you want to be fluent in the Chinese language then read a lot of books. Of course, what you need to read is the Chinese book. By reading a book you will find more characters that you don’t know, then it will broaden your knowledge about it. Reading a book also adds your vocabulary, thus making you speak easier with other people. It can be said that read a lot of books advance your skill quickly.

5. Speak Chinese in Everyday Life

Reading books can add your vocabulary but speaking will make you understand more. If you already understand the pattern and have many vocabularies, you need to speak in Chinese to perfecting your skills. You don’t need to concern with tones when speaking. Just speak what you want to speak. In case you want to master the tones, listen to audio and try to imitate how it’s spoken. Practice in speaking will make you fluent easily and faster.

Learning a language needs a considerable amount of time. However, by applying the method on how to learn Chinese language easily, you can be fluent in the Chinese language in short of time.

how to teach toddler to talk

Tips & Tricks On How To Teach Toddler To Talk

One of the kid’s development that all parents wait for is when their kids start to walk and talk. However, teaching a toddler to talk is harder than teaching them to walk because of so many reasons. Therefore, how to teach toddler to talk will need extra effort and patience from the parents. Remember that they are still small, so it will need some time until they get to learn new words and talk.

Parents must know that toddlers can start listening and copying people when they turn 7-8 months. Therefore, if your baby is at this age, it is better that you start saying proper words as they can copy you. Normally toddlers will start bubbling around 10-11 months and can say one-two words clearly at the age of one. However, each toddler is different so don’t compare them with someone else. As for those are having difficulties in teaching their kids, try these tips on how to teach toddler to talk:

1. Talk to Your Kids

At this age of their growth, kids will start to understand everything that you say. Therefore, talk to them like you are talking to an adult. Like if they start babbling, answer it with the right words too, so they can hear what words you say. However, as they are starting to learn, make sure to talk to them slowly and loudly. This way they can notice each word that comes out from your mouth.

2. No Baby Talk

If you want your toddlers to start talking normally then don’t talk the baby talk with them. Use normal words and talk normally like you are talking to someone else. Let them explore and listen to what you say every day to make them learn.

3. Learn with Flash Cards

One of the ways to make toddlers learn how to talk is by teaching them new words. Take 10-15 minutes a day to teach them new words using flashcards. However, teach them at least 2-3 same words for a week or until they can pronounce it themselves. Then start a new word after they can pronounce and remember the old word. However, to make sure they don’t forget their old word, remind them again.

4. One Language

How to teach toddler to talk is by using one language only so they understand what you are saying. Many parents want their kids to speak in many languages therefore they speak in many languages. They may understand what you say but this can cause speech delay. Therefore, make sure you teach your kids one language at a time.

5. No Gadget/ Screen time

Another way to teach your kids how to speak is by not giving them gadgets and screen time. Screen time and gadgets can sometimes make them addicted to it and making them lazy to learn something new. Therefore, minimize, if possible don’t give them any gadget until they are at least 4 years old. Let them explore and learn things from things that are real rather than just from a gadget.

If you apply these tips on how to teach toddler to talk, then your kids will slowly learn how to talk. One of the reasons why kids usually face speech delay is because of distraction and inconsistency. So, if you teach your children something make sure to be disciplined and consistent.

what's the best school for early childhood education

What’s The Best School For Early Childhood Education – Check These Schools!

Giving early education to children is a fun and challenging task that not everyone can do. Playing around while studying may seem easy, but when you face these little kids are your plan can change. Therefore, it is important that before becoming a teacher, people must learn early childhood education. In this major, people will get to know how to handle early childhood and the methods that they must use. Now the question is what’s the best school for early childhood education and how long will it take?

what's the best school for early childhood education

By qualifying a degree in early childhood majors, people can work with kids between one to eight years old. Not only in preschools or kindergarten but they can also make education groups such as church groups and community centers. Therefore, this major is as important as other major as it determines the development of a child. So, what’s the best school for early childhood education that you can apply and attend? 

1. Western Governor’s

The school located in Salt Lake City provides both online and offline schools for early childhood education majors. Therefore, for those who have a busy schedule can check out their online system. Whether you choose to apply for online or offline school, this major will require 122 credit hours. Students will also have to complete a competency test to make sure they are capable after graduating. 

2. Arizona State

What’s the best school for early childhood education where you can also learn other topics related to this major? Well, Arizona State University is sure one of the schools that you should consider. By applying here, students will get both the education and certifications that will make them different from other graduates. You will also get to learn other topics such as how to use technology in class. 

3. University of Texas

The University of Texas offers bachelor to master’s degrees for early childhood education major. Therefore, people can specialize their studies more detailed in this university. Their programs focus on the character and brain development of a child. They also learn on the method they can apply and develop them adjusting the era. 

4. Vanderbilt University

In this school, students can learn by field observation and participating in schools and agencies. Therefore, they don’t only learn the theory but also a practical way in real life. They must also add a special course for specializing in how to teach, which will need an additional 122 hours. During their study, students can go abroad and partner with other universities to complete their studies. 

5. Boston University

All students applying for this major must spend at least one semester working in a learning lab. The purpose of this rule is to make sure students what they have learned and how to apply them in real life. This will be supervised by their lecturer and be one of the requirements to graduate.

So, now you don’t need to wonder what’s the best school for early childhood education and how the graduates are. Because all these schools offer the best facilities and studies in early childhood education, so they all worth to apply. So, go apply to one of these schools and start learning some new knowledge. 

Some Popular Web Casino Wallets

Web wallets are picking up in fame as a component for completing budgetary exchanges at online club. They offer certain focal points and certain detriments as contrasted and charge cards. Hence every player needs to settle on a considered choice relying upon his individual needs. In any case, if the player chooses to utilize web wallets there are sure things that he should look at before at last receiving that alternative.

All web wallets are not practical in all nations. Likewise web wallets work just with indicated monetary forms. Henceforth players picking web wallets should look at whether their nation and their money are secured. Web wallets additionally indicate least store sums. Typically these are little to have any material effect on the choice of choosing a web wallet. Anyway players must know about what these cutoff points are. One of the most significant elements is whether the web wallet permits withdrawals or not and on the off chance that it does, at that point what is the time span for the withdrawal. A portion of the more well known web wallets are talked about beneath as for these components. In spite of the fact that the data given is current, players will be encouraged to look at the web wallet site at the hour of taking a choice.


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best pharmacy colleges in canada

Best Pharmacy Colleges In Canada To Consider

The pharmacy department is one of the tops and favorite departments for many people these days. Despite medical school, this study learns the medicines and cure for patients. It is hard, but the knowledge is very useful for others and even save people. Therefore, going to the best pharmacy colleges in Canada is a must for those planning to learn this study. 

best pharmacy colleges in canada

Applying for this study also not easy as people must go against many people from around the world. They must go through a test before being accepted and entering the school. Some of the best colleges that have high competitions are in Canada, which also has the best lecturers. So, for those who are planning to go to college can check the best pharmacy colleges in Canada as below:

1. British Columbia

UBC itself is one of the top universities in Canada that provides many studies such as Pharmacy. International students who want to apply in this university must have at least an IELTS minimum of 7. Or they must have an IBT TOEFL score at least 100. One of the advantages of this study in UBC is that they have many types of research for the students to do. Therefore, they can develop new founding and create something new. 

2. Waterloo

A university that has qualified and detailed studies about medicines and drugs is the University of Waterloo. This university has detail studies for Pharmacy from Drug discovery to Evaluations. It is very detail and very useful for both master or beginners. Another advantage offered is the time of the college that students can choose. The university offers both part and full-time students to adjust to their other schedules. 

3. Alberta

If you are looking for a university that can support you with scholarship throughout the year, then check the University of Alberta. This is also a top university that does research in its faculty. The lecturers and alumni from this university are known as the best ones. To complete the studies here, people will need at least a total of four years of their time. 

4. Dalhousie

The next best pharmacy colleges in Canada is Dalhousie University which is one of the oldest schools in Canada. They have some of the most premium research and have educational training for their students. Those who are looking for a master’s degree can also apply to this university. Their master’s degree program mostly focuses on cancer and muscle diseases. 

5. Memorial University of Newfoundland

To apply to this university, students must have a great TOEFL score which is one of their requirements. The number of students accepted in this university is higher compared to the schools above. One of the benefits that students can get from here is the related course which can teach them practical needs. 

There are still many other best pharmacy colleges in Canada that you can apply. However, these are the top five that many students prefer to choose and apply. Make sure to do some research on these universities before applying them right away. 

Best universities in africa

5 Best Universities In Africa You Might Want To Consider

Africa is the second-largest populated continent in the world after Asia. Meanwhile, in the economic sector, Africa is the lowest. But it doesn’t mean the people don’t have the quality educational institutions. So, here are the five best universities in Africa.

Best universities in africa

1. University of South Africa (Unisa)

Located in Pretoria, the University of South Africa is the largest university in South Africa. It is also one of the world’s mega universities.

Unisa established in 1873 with the name University of the Cape of Good Hope. Recently, Unisa offers diverse scientific families. The examples are from accounting sciences, education, human sciences, law, to agricultural and environmental sciences.

As a big university, Unisa has some campuses in different places. There are six regional centers across South Africa. And the main administration function is in Gauteng Province.

2. Cairo University

When it was first established in 1908, this university is known as Egyptian University. Then the name changed to be King Fuad I University in 1940 before being Cairo University 1952. The location is in Giza.

There are many faculties and institutes exist here. You can, of course, find the common faculties like Science, Law, and Engineering. Also the special faculties like Dar El-Ulum, National Cancer Institute, and National Institute of Laser Enhanced Sciences.

3. University of Kwazulu-Natal (UKZN)

Long ago, there are two universities named the University of Natal and the University of Durban-Westville. These two universities then merged in 2004. And the name is changed to the University of Kwazulu-Natal. The location of the university is in Kwazulu-Natal Province.

Furthermore, there are five campuses that they have with different focuses. You can find the School of Education in Pinetown, precisely on the Edgewood campus. Meanwhile, Nelson Mandela School of Medicine is near to Durban’s city center.

In Westville campus, UKZN offers programs in Science, Health Science, and Management Studies. Moreover, this campus is the administrative headquarters. To find many majors, you can go to the Howard College campus. There are Law, Humanities, Engineering, Nursing, and Development and Social Sciences.

Not much different from the Howard, Pietermaritzburg also offers many majors. But here, the campus has some uniqueness. They are the discipline of Visual Art, Agriculture, and Theology.

4. University of Witwatersrand

This university was first the South African School of Mines. Then in 1922, it acquired a full university. Nowadays, this university located in Johannesburg is better known as Wits University.
Having 5 faculties, Wits University offers more than 3000 courses with 33 schools.

The faculties are Science, Healthy Science, Humanities, Engineering, and also Commerce, Law, and Management. Besides, Wits also offers various platforms for expressing talents. Arts, cultures, and sports activities can be chosen by the students.

Wits are providing internationally competitive education. The campus teaching stimulates debate and cultivates open-mindedness and critical thinking. Moreover, ethics, creativity, and a strong sense of social responsibility are also important things in Wits. That is why the University of Witwatersrand is one of the best universities in Africa.

5. University of Cape Town (UCT)

UCT established in 1829 with South African College as the former name. It is being the oldest university in South Africa. And today, UCT is the number one university in South Africa. It is also the 22nd in BRICS university ranking.

The location of the main campus is at the foot of Table Mountain’s Devil’s Peak. Besides, the Medical School and the Fine Arts and Drama department have a different location.

Consist of over 26000 students, UCT has six faculties. They are Science, Health Science, Law, Commerce, Humanities, and Engineering & the Built Environment.

Not only teaching, but UCT also offers many extracurricular activities. You can choose to join more than 100 societies. For you who love sports, there are also over 40 sports clubs.

Those are the list of 5 best universities in Africa. Maybe there are one or two universities above that hit your curiosity. Ready to go to Africa for studying? Let’s go!

The 5 Best Medical School in The World All the Time

You might imagine that it is fun to work as people in Grey’s Anatomy movie. Thus, you have to take a medical school as your formal education. There are many medical schools around the world as your options. Each offers you high-quality teachers, systems, and the environment. But only the best medical school that gives you a precious experience. That is why we are here wanting to share with you the best medical school in the world that you have no hesitation to apply anymore.

Things that you should consider for school are not only the location, system, teachers, and environment. You need to see the school’s vision and mission, student’s activities or organizations, also the accreditation. Once all the checklist is fulfilled, then that school might be suitable for you. If you are wondering about choosing the right one, see the best medical school in the world below as your recommendation:

1. Harvard University

Harvard University always ranks for many majors, including for the Harvard Medical School. It earns first place, especially for obstetrics/gynecology, radiology, and psychiatry. This school gets many supports from the various institutions. Thus, Harvard University offers scholarships for many students about $50,000 per year. Also, the average loan of graduated students is about $100,000.

2. Duke University

Still from the US, there is another medical school which entitled as one of the best medical school in the world. It is Duke University that also emphasizes leadership and traditional training. This university lets the students pursue their dreams, so they have the opportunity to follow their interests. Within the number of research and sponsors, the student will get full support with the ratio of 3 to 1 faculty-to-student.

3. Oxford University

Oxford is one of the oldest schools in the world. The Medical Sciences Division is one of the five biggest medical schools. The departments you can consider are psychology, pharmacology, and obstetrics. The other departments with equal quality are Cardiovascular Medicine, Radiation Oncology and Biology, Molecular Medicine, and Ophthalmology.

4. Yale University

Yale School of Medicine was built in 1810, since then this school got many achievements, such as the first research of cells or molecular basis. This school is associated with several institutions, like The Connecticut Mental Health Center, The Yale-New Haven Hospital, and many more. If you concern to develop yourself in research, then Yale University is the right place to go.

5. King’s College London

Each year, this school serves 5,000 students for medical and pharmacy programs. King’s College London started to serve medical students since 1998. But, actually, the department was already formed in 1895, then in 1926, it was offered a degree in the University of London. This institution has conducted a variety of research areas, such as Dermatology, Cancer, Immunology, Respiratory Physiology, and Mucosal Biology.

Today medical researches have become a trend. It is not only the health institution but also major companies start to concern about this issue. Thus, as time goes by, the world needs many great people from medical school. Be that one of the contributors to a better world by signing yourself to the best medical school in the world.

Are You Interested In Taking A Double Degree And How Double Degrees Work?

The double degree is now available in many places. Some universities have already provided their students with a double degree program in order to support their students more to get much knowledge. Therefore, if you want to take a double degree, you can choose the program whatever you want. You may take such a law and doctor program. Even it was hard, but if you are ready to fight for it, you can choose it.  Then, how double degrees work actually? In this chance, I will explain to you how double degrees work and what is beneficial in taking a double degree.

How Double Degrees Work?

The double degree means that a student who takes two different programs of study in a university. As the name double, it means that someone who takes two program study in one time and learn two studies at the same time. Commonly, students take a double degree in order to get more knowledge especially the knowledge that is not available in their program. A double degree now is available that students can conduct in some universities.

You might think that a double degree is hard to do. But in fact, the double degree is faster than you take two programs in turn. Moreover, you can get two degrees and more knowledge from a double degree. Therefore, many students want and interested in taking a double degree. It happens because the double degree has many benefits for the students.

The Benefits Of Double Degree

After discussing how double degrees work, now we go to the benefits of a double degree. When we compare the double degree with the normal degree we almost find a lot of benefits to a double degree. But everything balances with the effort that we must spend along with the study of a double degree. Study about two things at the same time is not an easy job. We must think a lot and give more effort to learn. Therefore, we get many benefits from those sacrifices. We get what we have learned before from the double degree.

1. Having Plus Point At Work

When we think about the double degree, we must also think that we get more knowledge from it. Therefore, we get many benefits from the knowledge especially when we found a job. In most companies, they will find someone who has many talents and knowledge. So, they can do their job in a good way without any lack and false. Therefore, the graduated from the double degree has benefits. Many companies want to work with them. They have plus point from the company. It likes having two people with two talents in one.

2. Having Much Knowledge

Of course, how double degrees work is about how they can get the knowledge from their study. From a double degree, someone will get more knowledge, connections, and many others. It has the same meaning as having two experiences at the same time. They also have many chances to learn more about many things.

Therefore, if you want to take your double degree is not a bad idea. You can briefly take your double degree and get more knowledge in it. Don’t lose hope and keep learn anything as much as you can. Don’t deeply think about how double degrees work, but think that you will get more knowledge from it.

Here are 5 Reasons Why Homeschooling is Better Than Public School Only for You

Public school has a rigid curriculum for its students and teachers. On there, teachers usually should do something by the government’s rules. Similarly, they can’t teach flexibly because of those rules. Due to that problem, many people start to do homeschooling for their child. There are many reasons why homeschooling is better than public school we can get if we put some attention on it.

This day, we can’t say that our education system is perfect for everybody. That’s why homeschooling is an alternative for many parents who didn’t satisfied with it. Some of us maybe will start wondering why homeschooling is better than public school and it may be a little bit confused us. In this article, we will try to write down some of it for you. Here we go.

1. We can Avoid Bad Society

In this era, our divine traditions and culture are not watched out like before. There are many bad cases in public schools like bullying or rape. It caused some fear for parents for taking their children to public school. On the other hand, parents can easily control the friendship environment the homeschooling. Also, they can build more positive vibes to build any potential things for their children.

2. Facilities More Adequate

The public school curriculum only supporting some of the academic goods. There are many student’s potential skills outside the academic field. For example, children love to do photography, blogging, or modeling. The public school can’t support this at maximum point because they don’t have the facilities. Homeschooling is a special place to develop that skill.

3. School Time are Flexible

If in public school we should go in 7 a.m. and then go home at 4 p.m., homeschooling offer a flexible time. You can start at whatever you want and end it anytime. It will be perfect for any child who begins their career. Say goodbye to an early morning class and say hi to a fun class. There will no more 8 hours sitting in a boring class.

4. Learn Whatever You Want

The public school offers you a definite curriculum that you can’t change. It is something you can disturb because the government holds the main position. Homeschooling will let you choose what kind of curriculum you wanted. They would not push you to do something you hate like mathematic or physic. As a result, you can build your curriculum as you want.

5. No More Homework

You probably thinking why should students spent too much time in school but they still get a lot of homework. It usually happens in public school and some of us should have felt it before. I just can’t get it what they do at school so more than 7 hours are not enough? On homeschooling, you can make your children free from that homework. It will give more time so they can do other activities that they want to do.

This era makes us thinking about being creative and get money from it. The first thing you should think is, your successful child is not born only from that public school. If you search more, you will get that are many reasons why homeschooling is better than the public school from a different view. Just let them do whatever they want and support it so they will feel grateful to have you.

The Best School System Ranking in the World

Each country has different education system which suited with their goals. The system is not only to fulfil the human resource need but also creating generations that are able to compete globally. Thus, some parties criticize the current school system in their region. Others already tried to compare, so they can evaluate which part needs to be improved. If you are about doing the same thing now, then you should read this article. We here have the school system ranking from around the world complete with its best practice.

The quality of the school is not only determined by the student. You need to consider the location, the facilities, the teacher competencies, until the learning method. All is the gathered to result in a high-quality generation. How expensive the school is totally not considered as the best school, and vice-versa. To clear your mind, let’s see the school system ranking below from many countries:

1. Finland

This country recently became a popular country with the best school system. Surprisingly, today Finland holds the best education system in the world. In 2017, there were five new standards added and Finland proved they can manage three of them, those are the ration between the teachers and the students, number of students who pass primary school, and number of students who pass secondary school.

2. Japan

After Finland, there is Japan which maintains as one of the best countries with the education system. The success of education in this country is determined with the school for age 5 until 14. But, actually, the government is consistent to keep quality until college school. Thus, Japan is often becoming a study benchmark destination.

3. South Korea

Just like Japan, South Korea also holds its quality. This country is a competitor of Japan. South Korea works hard to keep its position in the third rank of the world. They have a good development program for any stages of education, especially for the age of 5 to 14 years old. The only reason why South Korea is hard to be in second place is because of the fall in the score for the test in high school and graduation students.

4. Denmark

Not many people realize that this country is considered having a good education system. But, Denmark is famous enough among the developed country. Earlier, Denmark was in the 8th rank. When several new indicators added, they were successful through it. Thus, they were up to 4th rank lastly.

5. The United Kingdom

Among all countries, you might no hesitate for the United Kingdom. This country is a great competitor, no matter for all education in any stages. Currently, the government has changed the policy, such as giving better pay for the teachers, modern educational facilities, and many more. Now this country is in 7th rank among the world.

Education is a vital pillar for any generation. No matter you live in the past, nowadays, or future, school is one of the supports for social improvement. School system ranking helps you to understand and compare the education quality around the world.