best pharmacy colleges in canada

Best Pharmacy Colleges In Canada To Consider

The pharmacy department is one of the tops and favorite departments for many people these days. Despite medical school, this study learns the medicines and cure for patients. It is hard, but the knowledge is very useful for others and even save people. Therefore, going to the best pharmacy colleges in Canada is a must for those planning to learn this study. 

best pharmacy colleges in canada

Applying for this study also not easy as people must go against many people from around the world. They must go through a test before being accepted and entering the school. Some of the best colleges that have high competitions are in Canada, which also has the best lecturers. So, for those who are planning to go to college can check the best pharmacy colleges in Canada as below:

1. British Columbia

UBC itself is one of the top universities in Canada that provides many studies such as Pharmacy. International students who want to apply in this university must have at least an IELTS minimum of 7. Or they must have an IBT TOEFL score at least 100. One of the advantages of this study in UBC is that they have many types of research for the students to do. Therefore, they can develop new founding and create something new. 

2. Waterloo

A university that has qualified and detailed studies about medicines and drugs is the University of Waterloo. This university has detail studies for Pharmacy from Drug discovery to Evaluations. It is very detail and very useful for both master or beginners. Another advantage offered is the time of the college that students can choose. The university offers both part and full-time students to adjust to their other schedules. 

3. Alberta

If you are looking for a university that can support you with scholarship throughout the year, then check the University of Alberta. This is also a top university that does research in its faculty. The lecturers and alumni from this university are known as the best ones. To complete the studies here, people will need at least a total of four years of their time. 

4. Dalhousie

The next best pharmacy colleges in Canada is Dalhousie University which is one of the oldest schools in Canada. They have some of the most premium research and have educational training for their students. Those who are looking for a master’s degree can also apply to this university. Their master’s degree program mostly focuses on cancer and muscle diseases. 

5. Memorial University of Newfoundland

To apply to this university, students must have a great TOEFL score which is one of their requirements. The number of students accepted in this university is higher compared to the schools above. One of the benefits that students can get from here is the related course which can teach them practical needs. 

There are still many other best pharmacy colleges in Canada that you can apply. However, these are the top five that many students prefer to choose and apply. Make sure to do some research on these universities before applying them right away.